Hand Sculptured Ice Sculptures

We guarantee that your ice carving will arrive pristine and ready for display. All pieces are hand carved- just for you and never made from molds. No event is too big or too small for Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures, LLC. Below our some our favorite designs. Our team is always up for the challenge to bring your event that extra sparkle with a hand carved ice sculpture.

Ice Bars & Luges

Most events serve your favorite drinks and have a bar of some sort. Make your party unique by adding an ice bar or drink luge to really wow your guest. The excitement that your guest will experience when walking up to a custom ice bar or chilled luge is priceless. Customize an ice bar with an ice luge or bottle holder. Liquor Luges are our longest lasting design, keep in mind it does not chill the liquor.


When planning one of the biggest and memorable days of your life, every detail counts. Incorporating hand carved ice sculptures add a personal touch to your wedding decor that will leave your friends and family in amazement. Adding your initials or name are a couple of the hundreds of ways that Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures, LLC can personalize your dream wedding.

Corporate Events

From small office parties to large corporate fundraisers and award ceremonies, ice sculptures are a fun way to impress your team or donors. Enhance luges, ice bars, and sculptures your with your company logo. Showcase your brand image with a corporate ice sculpture from Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures, LLC.

Sporting Events

Celebrating the hard work and success of the your major, minor, collegiate or high school sports victories deserves the finest decor. Make a statement at your sports event with an ice sculpture designed like your team emblem or mascot! Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures has worked with both major league and minor league. Bring Paul your ice sculpture ideas and let him design the perfect addition to your team's crowning achievements.

NFL & Monday Night Football Ice Sculpture

Special Celebrations

We are honored to have assisted with all types of special celebrations, from live downtown events, holiday parties, class reunions, and much more. Ice sculptures double as festive decor and entertainment because your guests can interact with ice sculptures such as ice bar and luges.

Mini Centerpieces

Mini table centerpieces and beautiful ice decorations can help transform a simple party into a true masterpiece. Our popular centerpieces are displayed in a specially displayed self-container drip pan that will illuminate that keep these custom ice sculptures mess free.

Unique Sculptures

It doesn't matter if you are buying an ice sculpture for a wedding, corporate event, holiday, or even a product promotion, your cost for an ice sculpture is comparatively small to the impression it will leave on your guests or clients. Don't limit yourself to just winter time, ice sculptures are ideal for all year round. Let's not limit ourselves to just the winter time, we're great for warm venues as well. We are always thinking outside of the box. The possibilities are limitless with Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures, LLC.

Winter Festivals

A winter festival is not complete without a unique hand carved ice sculpture from Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures, LLC. Take a look at our winter festival photo gallery to explore some our latest work. Festival ice sculptures are wonderful promotional pieces because your guests will be lining up to take photos and then sharing them with all their friends!

Functional Food Displays

Are you in charge of catering a special event or plan on having guest for a celebration? The coolest way to display your food is with a unique food display from Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures, LLC. Not only are our food displays fully functional, they are also a fun way to showcase your company logo or brand image. From seafood towers to multi-tier food displays, let us bring the elegance of your culinary vision to life with a highly stylized ice sculpture food display.


If you are planning a Holiday party for your office, large family gathering, or organization, it is likely that you are looking for fun and unique ways to impress your guest list. If you are ready for a new way to change your routine of Holiday celebrations, then Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures, LLC is ready to help. Our Holiday Ice Sculptures will bring holiday cheer to your Christmas or New Year's party! Browse our photo gallery for more ideas!